Do you wish to look younger? 
Are you constantly looking in the mirror pointing out new lines and wrinkles to yourself?
Or perhaps you just want to have fuller lips?
If so, we are here to help! 
At Sensational Skin we offer 

non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help you achieve the look you desire.


Our portfolio include anti-wrinkle injections, treatments for skin texture and appearance, lip and mouth creases: 

Dermal FillersDermarollerChemical PeelsSkinboosters


We also offer corrective treatment for

acne scars and even corrective treatment for stretch marks!




Why to choose us?


  • All aesthetic treatments are preformed by Dr Magdalena Owen (DMD, M.Clin.Dent. London) qualified and insured dental surgeon with over twelve years of experience. Extended knowledge of facial anatomy and extensive experience in various injecting techniques results in treatments being provided with not only minimal discomfort but also great results. 


  • By listening carefully to your requirements and expectations, we can clearly outline ways you can regain and maintain your skin’s vitality, suppleness and glow. 


  • We can help you select the procedures that will best benefit you in the long term, and help you develop an ongoing programme to get the most out of the treatments you choose.


  • We pay special attention to pain control to ensure that the procedures are comfortable and non-traumatic. Topical and local anaesthetics are used when needed to keep discomfort to the minimum. 


  • We only use safe and clinically proven aesthetic treatments. Our CQC approved practice is located near Poole town centre with car park facilities and easy access from Dorset, New Forest and Hampshire. For our location please click here.




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Are the anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Yes. Substance like Botulinum Toxin type-A for example, is one of the most researched drugs in medicine, with thousands of papers published from across the world and an excellent safety profile. 

However, it should only be injected by medical professionals like dentists, doctors and registered nurses within the scope of a doctor's instructions.

It is prohibited for use by beauty therapists, hair dressers, and non-medical personnel.

Medical indemnity bodies, amongst other industry leaders, are supporting these regulations by only providing cover to trained aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses.


Dermal Fillers

I was recommended to Dr Magda Owen after hearing such great reviews from others and seeing how happy they were with the work that Dr Magda had carried out. I first met Dr Magda in early 2012 and after a thorough consultation she advised me on the treatments available which would suit me best. I have had treatment for wrinkles on my forehead and lip enhancement and I am so pleased with the results.

Dr Magda is very professional with vast knowledge which is apparent in her work. You really do feel that you are in safe hands and the results are incredible!

She explains everything so clearly and I would strongly recommend her!

TJ. Bournemouth


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botox in Poole botox in Dorset

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are sterile gels used to plump up areas of the skin, helping them look firmer and restoring the skin’s former youthful appearance. These clear gels can be used to lift and fill facial lines and wrinkles, plump the lips and enhance the contours of the face. Dermal fillers have grown to be one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments because they provide an instant natural looking result with minimal or no down time.

What is Dermaroller?

Genuine Dermaroller Therapy stimulates the skin creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. Genuine Dermaroller Therapy offers amazing results without the inconvenient ‘down time’ that comes with more aggressive laser treatments and medium and deep chemical peels. It stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself without adding foreign substances to the body or taking anything away. Genuine Dermaroller Therapy is a natural process which has an excellent safety profile when used by trained medical aesthetic practitioners.

Who is suitable for treatment?

Non surgical aesthetic treatments on 10 years younger.

Starting in our late twenties, facial lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Depending on their severity, these lines and wrinkles can affect not just your appearance, but also your self-esteem and even your choice of career. By smoothing out those lines you can restore a more youthful, less stressed expression to your face.

Many people can benefit from 

anti-wrinkles injections - not just celebrities, and it can work as well for younger and more mature women. 

Advanced training enables your practitioner to minimise any possible loss of facial expression by accurate dosing and injecting specific facial muscles responsible for the wrinkles.


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